School-wide Morning Meeting – Power of One

After returning from winter break and beginning our new year 2018 with inclement weather and school delays, we felt it would be an opportune time to have our first school-wide morning meeting on the last Friday of January.  A coming together as a school community to greet everyone, share about our weekend, participate in a shared movement activity and end with a positive morning message to start our day.  It was student led by our 5th grade student leaders!  Choose kind first everyday!


Musical Performance & Young Entrepreneurs

As we come to end of 2017, our 4th & 5th graders performed a musical production about the history of music and our 3rd graders showcased entrepreneurship with their Annual Market that derived from a Economics Project.  Our students continue to amaze me their vibrant creative ideas and talents.  Crozet Elementary will continue to focus on learning and creating a school community ethos that inspires wonder, incites curiosity and motivate all learners to excel.

November Excitement

As we prepare for this holiday season into the new year, let’s enjoy this moment of being thankful of an amazing Crozet community of families, friends, local businesses, churches, library, law enforcement, rescue & fire department, farms, vineyards, orchards and the natural beauty of the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


This month of Thanksgiving was filled with excitement of enriching learning and community building events.  Check out our Storybook Character Day, PTO Harvest Festival, Girls on the Run, Young Filmmakers at the VA Film Festival, SAL’s Pizza Night, Fifth Grade Trip to see Wonder after reading the novel and Principal Challenge to Read Every Day!  What a time to be thankful.

Fifth Grade went to see the Movie – Wonder after reading the entire novel.  The author RJ Palacio retweet our tweet!  Here is a excerpt from the novel – Wonder starting on page 303. “The strength of one’s courage,” he repeated quietly, nodding and smiling.  He held up his right hand like he was counting off.  “Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character.  These are the qualities that define us as human beings and propel us, on occasion, to greatness…..”Greatness, ” wrote Beecher, “lies not in being strong, but in the right using of strength…

25% of the School Year

Can you believe we are at the end of the first quarter of the school year?  We had an active nine weeks of school of unleashing each student’s potential with relationship, community and team-building activities, engaging learning opportunities and enriching field trips.  We are teaching for the future – all means all/equity and access through collective efficacy.  A picture is worth a thousand words….note below photos of Crozet ES teaching for the future!


First Six Weeks of School

I love the first weeks of school!  Students sporting their new gear, confident smiles, readiness to learn and make new friends or establish ties with friends they haven’t seen over the summer.  On the other hand, families and students are anxious about their new class level, new journey with academics/learning, new teachers and classmates.

The beginning weeks of school is the optimal time for our students and teachers to build relationships and to get back into the groove of learning.  The first six weeks of school is a distinct period of time of many introductions to set students up for a year of engaged and productive learning by using positive teacher language to establish high academic and behavioral expectations, getting students excited to learn by offering engaging academics and teaching the classroom and academic routines that enable a collaborative learning community to thrive.  Also during this time of getting to know our students, teachers are administering assessments in the content areas to see where they are and what they know.

August and September –  Building collaborative, trusting relationships – Responsive Classroom  – Hopes & Dreams  September begins our community fun of events: First Grade Popsicle Social, Grandparents Lunch Day, International Dot Day (Make Your Mark) Celebrating Creativity, United Way Day of Caring and PTO Kindergarten Potluck….Whew!  It’s only been 4 weeks of school!  We are on a ROLL of New Opportunities & New Horizons!

Welcome Back to School

I hope everyone had a safe, active and fun summer.  The countdown begins to the first day of school – Wednesday, August 23rd – New Opportunities, New Horizons!  Take a peek inside of Crozet Elementary School to discover how we are preparing for a new school year of student learning on Monday, August 21st from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.  I echo our superintendent’s welcome back to school words – “Our opportunities to build upon our national reputation for excellence and creative thoughtfulness will increase this year. Many of the most important nationwide challenges facing public education will be addressed here—closing opportunity gaps, aligning curricula with authentic learning experiences, applying design thinking to schools, expanding contemporary learning resources to all students and the implementation of strategies that break down learning barriers that for too long have restricted the upward limits of student potential. ”  With this spirit and belief, I as well as our faculty and staff look forward to another exciting school year of getting to know our students, working with you to support their development, maximize their potential and reach their dreams. Crozet Elementary will continue to unleash each student’s potential with our learner-centered goals, a growth mindset and sustaining our green initiatives on a national level!


Summer Learning….Summer Planning

Our Summer Learning Camp with all four western elementary schools’ students at Brownsville Elementary was a success.  The STEM curriculum continued to be a big hit with the students and teachers – students learned to take risks and problem-solve.  They participated in Henley’s Summer Fun Fair!

From July 17-20, our kindergarten camp filled with smiling faces ready for new adventures and excitement!  As this month ends, our custodial staff has worked tremendously to prepare our building for the upcoming school year!  From our summer construction projects, we gained improved staff restrooms, new stage floor, new flooring in the after-school program office and painted our front entrance areas and media center rooms.

Last Day of School

What an awesome 4th quarter of the school year filled with field trips, musical performances, PTO’s largest fundraiser – the Glow Run, Field Day and enriching project-based learning until last day of school – check it out as you read our last school newsletter.

Crozet Connection – June Edition 2017

I am so grateful to have a supportive and caring school community for our students, teachers, staff and PTO. Thank you for another amazing school year! On the last day of school, we surprised our students with a YouTube staff music video – “Don’t Stop Believin” – Jimmy Fallon style.  Enjoy and have a safe and fun summer break!

April/May/June-Last Months of School

Approaching the end of a school year can be similar to running a race. We know that if we can keep running forward we will eventually get to the finish line but we also want to finish strong. I love using this analogy because it best represents how students need everyone’s support and encouragement this time of year in order to reach their year-end goals (hopes & dreams)!

It is also one of the busiest times of the school year for students, parents and teachers. Keeping children focused on their responsibilities at home and at school can become challenging due to various outdoor activities and busy family schedules not to mention the beauty all around us. Take notice of how well your child is keeping up with his/her school responsibilities. Keep communicating with your teacher(s), check backpacks daily, read over notebooks and peruse the Tuesday folders for important classroom and school information. Read our e-news (PTO Eagle News or weekly classroom newsletters) as we approach the final weeks of the school year.

As we move into the last weeks of school, let’s all celebrate our students’ achievements and reflect on this past school year with them. Let’s continue to inspire them to do their best!

Marvelous March Mania

As the saying goes – March comes in like a lion and leaves out like a lamb.  Well, this year March came in like a lion and left out like a lion….smile!  We have had a marvelous March Mania.

On March 2, our students began the month with Read Across America Day school-wide celebration of Dr. Seuss’s

birthday to support and encourage literacy. READ EVERY DAY!

On March 3, our 2nd and 3rd graders performed a patriotic musical performance.  Leading up to the music program, our second graders researched and created Patriotic symbols through Art.  Students used natural resources from our Rain Garden Habitat to create the American Flag.  Our third graders researched famous Americans, wrote biographies and created flip books.  The student-created patriotic symbols and flip book biographies were displayed as a Gallery at the musical performance.

On March 10, our PTO had its Club Nite formerly known as the Sock Hop.  Our dads created a night of dancing fun for our students with DJ Ty.

On March 16, we had our annual Community Night to exhibit our students design projects, STEM activities and folk-dancing around the focus of Building Community with Curiosity and Wonder.  We had a huge turnout for the event!

On the first day of Spring, March 20, we had a PE Buddy Day.  Buddy classes of primary and upper grades had PE together.  Our students love PE buddy day!

On March 23, 8 talented fifth graders that make up our Crozet Honors Chorus participated in the county’s Elementary Honors Chorus Performance at Monticello High School.

On March 24, PTO Got Talent show was a huge success with 33 talented performances.  Every performer received a Got Talent medal created by a third grade student, Suri H.

We also had 2 amazing authors to visit our school and share their books and love for writing.

Two Crozet students were awarded this month –  the Writer’s Eye Contest – 1st Place Honorable Mention in Prose was Bronson P, a 4th grader and the Bus Lines Poetry Contest – Autumn W

March was packed with amazing learning experiences and making-memories events!